Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility | Ador Fontech




The Company is dedicated to conserve and preserve valuable mineral resources.

Broad domain categories include:

  1. ‘Life enhancement of industrial components’ through protective coating and repair services.
  2. ‘Reclamation and refurbishment of worn out components’.

Products, Services and Solutions are designed to meet the above endeavour which leaves an indelible mark in the sphere of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’.

Besides the above, as part of humanitarian service, the Company partakes to serve the “Poorest of the Poor” in terms of providing medical aid, food relief, rehabilitation of the destitute and homeless.

The Company believes that education is primary to every child of this country and hence, adopted a rural school to build a class room, maths and physics laboratories. It has also developed a play park for children in the vicinity of the institution.

On similar lines, Special Children are a rare gift to humanity. To depict solidarity with them participated in a general awareness programme, to reach out a helping hand.

Occasionally, the Company also sponsors cultural programmes to preserve the rich traditional, but fading folklore of India.