Professional Air Plasma Cutting Machine

Powermax85 Sync Plasma Cutting Machine & System | Ador Fontech Ltd


Professional air plasma cutting machine

The Powermax85 SYNC™ is a next-generation professional grade air plasma cutter that dramatically simplifies system operation for cutting and gouging up to 25 mm (1″). Features automated system process set-up via advanced RFID-enabled SmartSYNC™ torches and a revolutionary single-piece cartridge consumable that provides trackable utilization data. The Powermax85 SYNC maximizes productivity through reductions in downtime, optimized cut quality performance and streamlined consumable inventory management.


Drag cutting
For dragging the torch directly across the work piece

Fine feature cutting
For narrow kerf width with minimal dross and heat affected zone

Flush cutting
For cutting closer to base materials using a 45 degree

Max control gouging
For precise metal removal, shallower gouge profiles and light metal washing

Max removal gouging
For aggressive metal removal, deep gouge profiles, and extreme metal washing

Mechanized cutting
For portable automation and table cutting

  • Easy to use
  • Minimize operation costs
  • Maximize performance
  • Industry-leading reliability